terça-feira, julho 04, 2006

já percebi porque é que a gripe das aves existe

porque não compram as roupinhas para vestir as galinhas e as pobres apanham frio e ficam constipadas...

the package

Your Chickensuit comes in a package size A3.
it contain the suit - neatly laid out on top of a printed erni (the film star) - plus a free dvd for home use. the dvd has an animated music video - featuring the top nauch band “cosmic eggs” and the film ERNI – an exciting chase after the very first chicken who took the brave step toward a better life – a life fully dressed. equal in rights……..

Dress your chicken, let your chick dress itself, dress the chicken inside of you. use the beauty as a show off on your wall, brag with your size – packed neatly, hip and colorful.

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